Amicus Foundation of Thailand Update

Schools and Homes/Orphanages

  1. Child Protection and Development Center (CPDC), a rehabilitation home for abused children in Pattaya, works to protect children at risk of child trafficking. 

  2. Provided funding to create a sustainable organic gardening/farming program

  1. Baan Saanrak, an orphanage in Chiang Rai province Northern Thailand.

  2. Purchased tools and materials for making batik clothing

  3. Gave support for vocational training

  1. Supported Baan Unrak project, a school and home for destitute children in Kanchanaburi province.

  1. Childlife, a home dedicated to caring for street children at risk of abuse, poverty and child trafficking in Maesai, Chiang Rai.

  1. Purchased land and constructed the majority of the buildings

  1. Baan Dada, a safe home for migrant Karen and Mon hill tribe orphans and single mothers in Sangkhlaburi.

  1. Funding salaries for teachers at the home and at Burmese kindergartens along the border

  2. Funded the construction of a clinic & recovery room and the completion of the children’s  dormitories

  3. Gave emergency financial aid

  1. Collaboration with Children of the Forest in providing a secure living environment as well as education for Karen and Mon hill tribe refugee and migrant children on the Thai-Myanmar (Burma) border in Sangkhlaburi.

  1. Currently supporting the following programs:

  2. -Free Elementary School Program (Kelly Anusorn School)

  3. -Child Protection Program (Young Children’s Home)

  4. -Outreach School Program

  5. -Mother and Child Protection Program

  6. -Medical Program (funded by EMA Foundation)

  7. -Trucks and operating expenses

  8. -Teacher training

  1. Purchased land for farming and new homes, including the construction of the primary home for the resident children, as well as several school buildings, a library, a kindergarten, classrooms and a music & art center.

  1. Assisted School for Life in Chiang Mai, which led to our support for the building of Children’s World Academy in Kapong (Southern Thailand), contributing toward Tsunami relief. Continuing to support School for Life, home and school for hill tribe children.

  1. Meals and family activities

  2. Vocational training program