Amicus Foundation of Thailand Update

Community Development and Health

  1. Working with the Population & Community Development Association (PDA) on developing underprivileged rural Isan communities through the Village Development Partnership program (VDP), an initiative by Population & Development International (PDI).

  1. Working with Women With a Mission to build a dormitory for the children as well as providing a continual water supply for the Karen Development Training Center/School (KDTC)/ Hway Ka Loke Boarding House in Mae Sot.

  1. Financial support for Pranakorn Keeree Community in the southern province of Phetchaburi.

  1. Provided a 3-wheel vehicle and sewing machines for destitute women in a Pattaya slum, and give annual scholarships to orphan and children at risk living there.

  1. Built Amicus Bansawong Community Center in Sisaket province.

  1. Built community learning centers, in a remote area of Chiang Rai, for hill tribe villages, which are under Mae-Fah Luang project (Sustainable Alternative Livelihood Development).

  1. Encouragement & donations for professional blind musicians. Matthew sitting in on an upcountry Thai tune.

  1. Providing nutritional supplements, donated by Threshold Enterprises, for children in impoverished communities.

  1. Provided funding to facilitate the Unite for Sight group to conduct eye examinations in remote rural communities and delivered glasses to those in need.

  1. Donations of clothes and blankets for children, adults and the elderly living in the North.

  2. Assisted a Safe House near the Myanmar border for refugees, the disabled & mentally handicapped and the elderly.

  3. Worked with Medicorps to help provide healthcare to the poor and disadvantaged.

  4. Aid for families in need.